West Coast ( The Karoo of the Coast)

After a very busy few months of planning and wedding things to do, we finally were able to get a few nights away at (Dwars)Kersbos in the West Coast. Here we would celebrate our mini-moon.

A lot of people would have bought the airplane tickets long ago already and have the airport taxi ready. Carel and I aren’t really bothered with airport queues and long flights, as neither of us have the patience to sit still long enough.

We both love this country despite what news24 says, we still believe in the simple beauty that our country has to offer and therefore we kept our mini-moon local. And what is more local than the Westcoast.

We booked into a self catering apartment in Kersbos, this is a newer development beach area just on the outskirts of Dwarskersbos.

We headed out via Hopefield, we like this way out, as the R27 is just soooo straaaaiiighhhht and boring.

We stopped at the Plaasmol outside Hopefield. We have driven past this place a few times but now we had the time to stop, so the car came to an abrupt halt.

Lovely family run farm, with a rustic kind of store which has been turned into a bar.

We pulled our seats up close to the bar, being the only ones there. We ended up spending time with the bar tender learning the history of the farm and what they do etc. if you are ever in the area. Do not drive past this place. They are just outside Hopefield on the left and is noticeable from the little airplane in its front yard.

After our book in at Kersbos with Sallie at the Tumble in , we went on a hunt for food. With only one local superette and a pizza restaurant on the side of the road, our endeavours for shopping left us with limited choices. We didn’t mind as too many options leads to too much wasted time.

We visited the superette, spent about twenty minutes dawdling through the rakkies-of-akkies and then walked out with a 2ltr coke. I just roll my eyes, this happens often.

The locals said that the pizza is good, so who are we to argue. We stopped at SEE KAIA and ordered pizza. To our surprise the prices were so good and the pizza was amazing.

Grabbing the pizza and beer we headed for the beach to enjoy the sunset of the West coast.

Moments like these are priceless when you think of how much people spend to see what we did, with nothing but a pizza in a cardboard box and a few beers. Painted skies, was a live colourful show with the crashing waves to add the sound effects for free.

The next morning we headed to the beach for a run, being a bit tired from the heavy week I can guarantee you that we definitely weren’t doing a Bruce and Elana sprint. The sea life from Kersbos to the right along the boundaries of the farm are amazing. There is no pollution on the strand, only here and there a fish skeleton and a friendly seal coming out of the ocean for his morning yoga.

After a quick breakfast we headed out . Inland Bound.

When there is a dirt road, Carel gravitates …. On the bike or the car. The poor Hyandai was tested to its limits and we headed towards Elands Bay. Traditionally we stopped at Elandsbay hotel for a leg stretch. Here as in the rest of the raw parts of West Coast… don’t expect the fancy, the beauty is in the simple and friendly people that live there.

We jumped back in the car and headed out to Redelinghuys. I have never been to this little town before. So pretty and simple. It reminds me of a really old version of maybe Matjiesfontein and Sutherland.

The Church that burnt down recently is in state of demolition or repair. I couldn’t really make out if it was being further torn down due to irreversible damage or the attempt at restoring had commenced. The droning of heavy duty machines was the only noise that echoed through this little peaceful town

We headed towards Aurora, which is via gravel road from Redelinghuys a quick dust cloud over the mountains and then we arrived. Don’t sneeze and look for a tissue or you will mission right through this town and never notice its quaintness. As in every one of these little towns, the old churches stand out like a rose in a thorn bush.

We had a quick cooldrink as we strolled around the roads there. All this history hidden in our beautiful province.

Carel said it was time to join in the fun in Velddrif , being Friday afternoon , we checked into the local joint, Riviera pub.

We had a good visit with local residents. The chats are as if we have known each other for years. Within minutes you feel welcome, that is just how these people operate. Everyone greets eachother and smiles. They say it like it is in the best Weskus slang, and you embrace the whole of it. Good people live here.

We missioned off to another stop in Laaiplek. Die Vis Vlekhuis. Lesson learnt here… when in Laaiplek don’t order normal food, rather stick to what they are good at – Fish!

We ended off the day with a fire blazing and dreaming of our own plot at the sea one day. ‘’Eendag as ons groot is’’

Another beach run, day 2 seemed to go better on the legs on the sand. And then a quick brekkie and to the other direction we missioned

St Helena Bay, what a pleasant surprise. We ended up joining in the fun at the local Saturday market and had lunch in the middle of it. Ladies singing from a little amp, craft markets, people dancing. . . an unexpected time.

From here we headed out until we couldn’t go any further with the car. Brittania Bay, we had to turn the car around when the gravel road became to sandy for us. On the bike Carel would of still taken a chance, slight resemblance here to Kleinsee’s sand missions 2 years ago which became more a walk than a ride.

Back to Laaiplek , this time to the old hotel for a drink. We made it in time to celebrate our 1 week married life survival.

Back to our apartment we went , fire burned, we braaied and finished in time to catch the sunrise over the ocean. We missioned down to the sea and went for a long walk. Feet in the water…

Its on mini break aways like this where you realise that you can get along with the smaller things in life. You can always smile, and enjoy a stranger’s conversation.

Like the Karoo, and the Tankwa for me this part of the West coast has a peace that it brings over you, whether you intended it or not… it’s kind of the West Coast gift.